About Sudhir


Little Life History

Well not sure whether my life is worthy enough to be called history! I did my primary schooling in Bhubaneswar, those were days I got no memory of at all. Majority of my middle and high school studies were in Hyderabad and my graduation was from IIT Bombay. I majored in Electrical Engineering whilst maintaining a special interest in Embedded Systems. And then it was all MoFirst, our first venture into entrepreneurship, from the days since we were working out of my hostel room to the launch of Firstouch Mobile which has transformed now into Indus OS.


The Other Side

Leaving out the workaholic in me, I am an amateur trekking enthusiast, a lyricist, a writer, a runner, a dancer and etc, etc, etc. Well, don’t we all have a list of things that we are always excited of. These are just a few of mine.


Primary Interest

A major chunk of my time is spent on my computer doing something or the other. This very portal is also a result of the same. I like reading about anything and everything under my reach. Naturally Wikipedia turns out to be my favourite portal.


The Mundane Stuff

Well I am son of bankers; both my parents being in Bank service. I also have a “little” bro named Srujan, someone to fight it out all through. He is approximately half my age, no doubt he is “little”. I speak English, Hindi and Telugu, the latter being my mother tongue. Difficult to say what language I think in though!