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I have always admired and looked up to people who have put forth hard work & madness one together to achieve something great. One such story I have come across in recent time is that of Mannam Madhusudhan Rao better known as MMR – the founder & owner of MMR Group of Companies. There is a lot of stuff about this man written across.

  • Born to agricultural labourers
  • His parents and entire family work day in & out and starve to ensure he studies
  • Couldn’t find a job post studies and becomes a construction worker
  • Grabs an opportunity to deliver a telecom wire laying job in a short time and becomes a civil contractor to telecom companies
  • Sets up & grows business with his partner
  • Partner cheats and is back to square 0.
  • Promises his wife that he will stay away from business and takes up a job
  • Entrepreneurial blood’s abstinence from entrepreneurship? Not possible!
  • Starts working behind his wife’s back to set up his own venture, this time all by himself
  • Finally his wife & family support him with morally & financially and he is all set
  • Does the same business of laying telecom cables on contract at much larger scale this time
  • Steadily grows his business to a multi 100 crore now diversified into power projects and entire township construction

Well for someone who want to read more about him, read out a full featured story at http://j.mp/2gO13jV.

But the kind of open thought that education can bring in a common man is amazing. Wasn’t he educated, I doubt if he could even think in those lines. Come where from we may its our thoughts which take us where shall we stay. That’s his story of Village Hut to Jubilees Hills.

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