Are Dreams reflections of our thoughts

The word reflections reminds me that ‘dreams’ are reflections of my thought. I generally don’t have dreams or rather I don’t quite remember the dreams I get. But the few ones I remember are definitely reflections of my own life and thought. I would like to share one.

It was the night before an exam during my IIT days around Novenber 2007. My performance in that particular course wasn’t that bad but lately I haven’t been concentrating on that course. Lack of interest probably had caused me to be alienated fom everything associated with the course. Moreover the instructor was a pretty stringent man whom you can’t forget even in your dreams probably. I had decided on a night-out to study for the exam. Well as always in a tussle between body and the mind the body always wins and so I fell asleep. Thats when I had this dream. The dream wasn’t quite special but it kind of reflects the fact that dreams bear a direct relation with one’s thoughts. In the dream, I went to have my lunch at our hostel mess as always. But this time the food in the mess was awesome. It felt like home food. This reflects my longetivity for good food and my unending series of curses towards our hostel mess. In the mess I saw one of my classmates. He wasn’t quite a close friend of mine in the batch neither was he from my hostel. But yeah he did bear one thing that caused him to be there in my dream. He had fared pretty bad during the semester in the course whose exam was scheduled the following day. And he did tell me that he would fail in he course if he did not perform the end-sem well just a couple of days back. And in the dream he said to me “I will pass through the course, Sudhir. Why won’t you?” Though my resolve had given up to my body in the real world, it was with me in my dream world. What a strong resolve I had ! The exam was scheduled during the afternoon on next day. So based on that I later on concluded that it was probably the lunch time just prior to the exam, in the dream. Time was actually never relevant in the dream.

Well, dreams are always a result of causality of one’s own life and thought.

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